Respecting you
and your health
Our products are self-made confectionery products made by the modern equipment. Our product made from natural, environmentally products, as well as certified confectionery products of the best foreign producers.
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What do we offer
  • Nuts Cookies
  • Muffins
  • Cookies
  • Pasta
  • And more!
For production of confectionery products, we are using only certified products and components, the latest equipment, innovative methods of storage, transportation and processing of raw materials, as well as quality control at all stages.
There is no any superfluous or harmful in our products:
  • No Genetically modified product
  • No harmful additives
  • No transgenic fats
  • No containing of raw materials using pesticides
How we are working
Our work consists of several components: modern technologies, traditional recipes, professionalism of employees, competent logistics and simple algorithms for working with customers.
  • Own
    Our own production is located in an ecologically clean area
  • Natural
    We use only natural products, without GMO, transgenic fats and artificial additives
  • Modern
    We produce our products according to traditional recipes using the latest high technology
  • Convenient
    Packaging of the goods is convenient, environmentally friendly and allows you to keep the presentation of the goods on delivery to the point of sale
  • Sampling
    and promotion
    We provide samples of products for promotion, as well as promotional materials and all the necessary information about the product
  • Delivery
    to retail outlets
    Delivery of goods is carried out to the point of sale on the next day after making the order
Our production
Our production department is located in the Sergiev Posad city, 57 km from MKAD. The workshop is equipped with modern confectionery equipment from Italy and Russia: automatic lines for the production of all components of confectionery, sorting and packaging units. There is a spacious warehouse for products. Qualified personnel and well-established technological process allow us to guarantee high quality of products. Using competent logistics, we produce not just a product, but we offer a comprehensive service for our customers.
About us
We are setting the highest purposes and objectives.
It will allow us to take a worthy place among Russian manufacturers of quality confectionery products.
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Our strategic intentions
Preservation of traditional production technologies, development and introduction of new processes for the production of high-quality products.
Maintaining the company's image as a reliable supplier of quality and safe products that meet Russian and international quality standards
Our tasks
  • Implementation of the Food Safety Management System at the enterprise in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 51705.1
  • The release of safe, quality products through the collection and analysis of process data, the use of new equipment, the study of new technologies, continuous improvement and quality control
  • Continuous implementation of targeted marketing research to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Compliance with the requirements of the personnel to the processes and products established in regulatory documents
  • Regular increase of professional training of all personnel, continuous professional training of company employees of all levels and departments